Are you enjoying the game still?

Recently there have been some talking about how they have managed to hit the balls on targets, return serves and etc during practice. But, when they reached at the courts playing with someone at a tournament, things changed. They seem to lose their accuracy. 

At any sports, I think before playing at tournaments, we need to get prepare, train and get the right level of of skills. At the match however sometimes it seems like a different story, you will get nervous, feel the intensity and perhaps this is where you should begin to think back why and how you want to play tennis. The question is are you still enjoying the game? 

Keep it relax. But not too relax totally, by means relax is to be yourself when you are training hitting the balls with accuracy and the right amount of strength. Enjoy every moment at the court. That's why we want to play the sports in the first place isn't it?