Maria Sharapova at the games after aiming to get the top

 Maria Sharapova returning the ball with her might. (Getty Images)

 Feeling not up to expectation after missing her shots. (Getty Images)

 Still a glamorous player waving to the crowd after losing the game. (Getty Images)

It was a moment of determination for Maria Sharapova it seems when she has decided to play at the ASB Classics as part of her campaign to get back to the top placing in the female tennis players rankings. She had a good start clearing the first round but when she proceed to the second round, she was kicked out of the tournament. It was a good match for her opponent as it was her first time winning a big time player. Though Maria Sharapova did not even perform at this tournament, if you ask whether she has lose her touch? The answer is certainly not. It is a good warm up and a good timing to call herself to really put her best foot forward in training and in the tennis tournaments to come. Despite all these, she still looks the best with her fashion tennis attire. Nice match of her shoes with her pink top and pink streams on her shorts.