The new World Number 1

Some things in the tennis sports seems to fast changing especially the No. 1 world spot for the female players. Caroline Woznicki is the new No. 1. She is young, full of energy and she played with great fire. Every shot she took she seems to gave her best. Behind the title she has achieved now, she has put in much effort and finally she is starting to win the tournaments. 

She was actually the most impressive newcomer before and now with 12 WTA titles and probably with the most calculated points for No. 1 standing she won the title as World No. 1. This Danish player has what it takes indeed. 

Having said her incredible feat at the tournaments so far, again it is fast changing in the No. 1 spot. Now she just has to maintain it. At the mean time she can continue to enjoy with her new title. It is after all something that she has put in effort and is being recognized for it.