World Number one out again early

The World Number one waving to the crowd after the first round. (AP)

The World Number two serving at the game. (Getty)

Is it shocking or expected for the World Number one to exit early again at key tournaments this time at the Rome Masters? Usually it was posts and reports on how many points Roger Federer won over his opponent but lately, this time at Romes it was Gulbis who won 2-6, 6-1, 7-5 over Roger Federer.

His sluggish performance has made many wonder, thinking whether he has lost his steam in playing tennis. Most of the times you will never get to see the World Number one exit so early at the games. Some said it is sometimes natural after winning so many games consecutively, he should be tired and need some rest waiting for the big tournament ahead.

The World Number two instead has been performing pretty solid maintaining his title for some time. He started off some sluggish at Romes but got back in shape to proceed on to the next game. He is still in the race for the title. For those who probably think Roger Federer is out of the World Number one soon, probably it is too early to say, as once before he was commented after losing his title, he came back up right from everywhere to win every game even at courts not as his best to claim his title back again. That's the World Number one spirit sometimes.