One-handed slice tennis backhand technique

Those who read my blog usually knows I will write a brief up of a technique and then share how the technique can be done like now. So for one-handed slice tennis backhand technique , there are about 5 steps:

Step 1. 
Get ready with the racket in front with non-dominating hand supporting the racket. As usual, bend knees slightly for faster movement.

Step 2.
Track the ball with the racket butt and lean into the outside food as you are going to play the ball.

Step 3. 
As the bounces, perform a backswing by fully rotate the upper body and ensure that shoulders are aligned.

Step 4.
Count one on the bounce hit down and across the underside of the ball when you reach five. However the speed of counting depends on the speed of the ball.

Step 5.
As you finish the shot, your shoulders blades should be completely squeezed together with the racket arm pulled across the ball.