The first match that involves Maria Sharapova and Maria Kirilenko at the Australia Open

Maria Sharapova former champion striking the ball. (Getty images)

Maria Kirilenko winning the point. (Getty)

A very disappointed Maria Sharapova. (Getty)

A handshakes between the two young Maria from Russia. (Getty)

The match between Maria Sharapova and Maria Kirilenko the two young Russians with the former as the World No. 1 was a great opening for all spectators to watch. Maria Sharapova was also considered as the crowd puller if not her tennis skills then her style. But this year, she is the first to be out. Maria Kirilenko played relatively alright winning 7-6, 3-6, 6-4. Maria Sharapova had actually signed a endorsement deal with Nike that is said to be worth 43 million pounds. Probably the sponsors would expect the former World No. 1 to stay longer in the court but Maria Sharapova will of course continue to play in other tournaments. What a start at the Australia Open. There are more exciting games to come.