The finals at the Australia Open

Serena Williams winner of the Australia Open 2010. (Getty)

Serena Williams hitting back the ball to Justine Henin. (Reuters)

Former World No.1 from the previous generation Justine Henin holding on to her trophy. (Reuters)

Justine Henin stretching out to hit the ball. (Reuters)

Roger Federer in his swift move again. (Reuters)

Another cool move from the World No. 1 (Reuters)

Andy Murray running to reach for the ball. (Reuters)

The finals at the Australia Open were certainly exciting as giants pit against giants, the World No. 1 at the matches and both at the Women and Men finals, all players put up a great game. At the Women's final, former World No. 1 and current World No. 1 Justine Henin and Serena Williams respectively played against each other. Both showed great determination to win, serving strong and using wits forcing each other to go into errors. The score at the end of the two rounds were 6-4, 3-6 and the last match will be a deciding factor of who will be the winner.
Both have so much to prove, for Justine Henin she wants to prove that she still has it there and the current World No. 1 Serena Williams aim to have ther 12th grand slam titles to tie with all time tennis great Billie Jean King who was there at the match. At the last match Justine Henin seems to tire out a little and Serena Williams saw that and quickly strike to win the game. The finals score was 6-4, 3-6, 6-2.

At the Men's final, Andy Murray have what he wanted by playing against the tennis great Roger Federer. He wanted to win the World No. 1 and be the first British player to win a grand slam after so long. But Roger Federer is not to be reckon with at all. He showed who he was and what he was made off. He served and strike back with cool moves and won 6-3, 6-4, 7-6 (13-11). He had managed to win this 16th grand slam titles once again showing he is one of the tennis great of all times. It was an interesting open tournament throughout with most of the top players at the game.


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So happy to see Federer doing so well!!!! He is really the number 1!!!


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