World No. 1 out again in the first round of Paris Masters

Roger Federer waving to the crowd and left the game. (AP)

The French that won the World No. 1. (AP)

After losing at the Swiss Indoors where the World No. 1 did not managed to clinch another title to his collection at his homeground, he lost again at the Paris Masters. But for this, though shocking for many since he has exited at the first round, it is not in a way a very big surprise as he has often not performed in his tournament. He has the skills to play well but probably it is just not himself the No. 1 kind unlike at the other tournaments when he just played like the tennis king. He missed certain chances and lost the game. That however does not mean that the French who won him did not play well. He played it right and not lose his motivation to win despite facing the world no.1. He won and it seems to him that he has won the final. In this case, it sometimes means more achievement as how many times will he get to play with the world no. 1 and win him.