Caroline Woznacki and her withdrawing issue from the Luxembourg Open

Caroline Wozniacki displaying the arm of confidence and happiness. (AP)

Caroline Woznacki and her father at the match. (AP)

The young teenage player lying down and receiving treatment massage. (Reuters)

The young tennis player Caroline Woznacki runner-up of the US Open, a prestigious game where many great players gathered together to play and to win the match. It is also one of the games where there is large sum of prize money (of course all tennis games have large sum of prize money but the prize for that game is relatively more than most).

The story here is not about Caroline winning another great tennis player or getting to the finals. This time she was kind of deemed to be as deliberately pulling out from the game. She withdrew from her first-round match in this week's Luxembourg Open against the veteran local player Anne Kremer when leading 7-5, 5-0. This caught many attention especially the governing body as to see whether she should receive a penalty.

But well such things are pretty difficult to say, but if she is really injured then the player should consider many other things and to see whether she wants to continue the game. The choice is ultimately hers and if she feels she shouldn't continue then she should rest.