Roger Federer emerged as the new French Open champion

He smashed... (EPA)

He returned... (EPA)

....through his way to win the French Open. (Getty images)

Well done Roger Federer the current world no. 2 and the former world no. 1. He has finally won the French Open Cup and that is like two clay championships in a row. Roger Federer has certainly what it has to take and has proven his critics wrong that he can still perform and he can still win now the current world no. 1 got to be careful as the former world no. 1 seems to be back for the challenge to get back his title. He is now good at clay which was not his forte initially even when he was the world no.1. Roger Federer has played really good games, jump smashing returning serves to score no matter how tired he was. Now he can have a good time to rest before the next competition starts probably he may not even participate just to have a good break. He deserved it now anyway isn't it ha?