Maria sharapova welcomes wimbledon girls champion

Wimbledon is one of the most publicised and regarded tennis games around. There are even movies on the Wimbledon and not usually on other games if i can recall. Many interesting stories of tennis players emerged from this game. Laura Robson the girls champion will be competing in the coming Wimbledon and she will only be at the age of 15. It does seem like the players entering the game are getting younger but Maria Sharapova entered the game when she was 17 though of course that two years of age does seems to have a significant difference, she managed to win the game which makes her one of the youngest player not only to compete but to emerge as champion. That is a feat itself. When talking about feeling good that may be the advantage for Laura when she is on the court, she could also feel the same way and getting the feeling to play her best to win again at this game.



Hi everyone, the Wimbledon Open Tennis 2009 starting from June 22nd to 5th July. For more information like schedules, dates, players list, rankings, draws, score etc visit “”.