Maria Sharapova out of wimbledon and getting popular Gisela Dulko in

Gisela Dulko displaying the look of great happiness (getty)

Maria really feeling down after the match (getty)

Gisela showing the gesture of joy... (getty)

... Showing the gesture of joy to the crowd again (getty)

... And still showing the gesture waving to the crowd with spectators applauding for her and Maria looks like she just wants to get back (EPA)

Gisela Dulko the supposedly new "poster girl" for tennis has won all time favourite tennis great Maria Sharapova. I would say it was a game pretty interesting with Gisela took the first round with confidence and Maria shows that she is not to be reckon winning the second round. The last round, Gisela won and to her it seems like an extremely happy moment.

Maria seems really disappointed at the match. But she still is the most popular tennis player till date as after she lost, many spectators went out of the stadium. It is highly probable that they are there to watch her play.

Maria may not have won this Wimbledon but she has won it before and she probably win it again the next time. I supposed even the greats have times when they need some time to get back to their top and when they get back, they will just do it so well. One recent and clear example is the renowned Roger Federer who is still in the run for the championship.