The tennis smash

The smash is one technique that can help many players to score an point outright and it is almost similar like the serve in the sense that it is a throwing action. However different is that you will have the placement control in the serve and in the smash the ball's direction is determined by your opponent. Having said that means you have to move to get the positioning you need. The shot is generally played in the air but there are times you can see when some professionals play they let the ball bounce first and then smash it. The reason can be of several factors such as the sun is too bright for your eyes or the lob is very high or the opponent has retreated to the baseline and the bounce of the ball is high. Knowing how to smash is the answer to the lob shot which was mentioned in the much earlier post and the key to a good smash is having quick footwork so that you can get back and underneath the ball in time.