Maria not in tennis action again

Maria the once World Number 1 in the tennis arena has officially pulled out from the Rome and Madrid game after her shoulder injury which happens months ago. It does in a way seems common that athletes tend to injure themselves and needs a period of rest. While resting, Maria has been active in her life which is good in a way as she has been into fashion, advertisements and cooking.

Progress in recovery seems to be slow and fans can only wait for her to recover and see her in action. Her world ranking has slipped to number 64 and with other factors besides tennis taking center stage of her life now, one may wonder when she will start to focus on tennis again. Of course, we cannot say that she has give up tennis as she probably really need the time to rest and further injury will lead to longer period of rest. But the rest time she is taking has been some time.

At least her activities still keep her in actions where fans can see her but to some or most of them, many are anxiously waiting for her comeback in tennis. We may not know when she will come back but if she still has the passion to play and to win, we can all know that she will be back again.



i really love and adore this girl...hope she can comeback so soon i missed her playingin the court


Yes she always make the match interesting with her strong forehand shots