The tennis volley

Although there are many tennis players that are reluctant to use the volley, this is in fact one of the easiest shots to learn because the action required is very compact. So what one may ask what is the volley then? The volley is the shot you play when you hit the ball before the bounce. It can be considered as the answer to the passing shot.

Now before thinking about variations, you should try to perfect the basic forehand, backhand volleys and the drive volley. Talking about drive volley it is actually used more in women's game, and it seems to be used by many top players as an attacking, point winning shot.

For all tennis serves, returns or even the volleys, there is always the grip that form the basis of the techniques. The basic grip for the volley is the continental grip. In fact, the continental grip can be used for the forehand, backhand and the smash shot therefore the player can just use one grip for the all the different shots.