Return of serve

In any match almost half of the points are lost or won in the return of serve. If some said that the serve is the most important shot, then the return of second is a close second. Anticipation or rather having the intuition is highly required to know the movement of the ball early and to execute control by using simple but reliable strokes.

If you think about it, the basis of returning the serve is similar to the normal forehand and backhand but the playing situation is somewhat different. The opponent has complete control of the serve and is aiming to put you under as much pressure as possible. Return of serve can usually be categorized as offensive or defensive.

Offensive return is played when you are trying to take control of the point from this shot onward. It can be used against a weaker first or second serve, when you are in a position to put your opponent under pressure. Defensive return is played when the goal is to get the ball into play. It can be used equally against a hard powerful serve.