Tennis forehand return of serve

As mentioned in the previous post, return of serve is also something essential when wanting to win the game. For the forehand return of serve, there are some important points to take note.

1. Ready position

You can start with the grip you preferred but be prepare for changes when deciding what shot to play later.

2. Preparation

Get active and ready for the return when the opponent tosses the ball to serve. When your opponent is about to strike the ball, perform a split step so that you can move in the direction the ball is coming.

3. Contact

When hitting a defensive return, the forward swing will be similar to that of a volley. Make the point of contact slightly further in front of your body. Keep the swing impact and the grip firm. When hitting an offensive return, try and have a forward swing similar to your topspin forehand.

4. Follow through

This step depends on the pace of the server, the follow through with the defensive return is likely to similar to that for a blocked volley that is short and compact.