The backhand grip

The backhand grip is actually a very strong defensive tool or a stinging attack weapon. There are basically two main backhand grips: the eastern and the western backhand grip.

To find a certain grip use the base of your index finger as the main reference point on the racket's eight-sided handle. Your thumb and index should form a v shape as seen from the picture.

The eastern backhand grip allows you to get more topspin and makes it easier to generate pace on the ball. Federer uses the eastern backhand grip.

For extra strength and control, use the two-handed grip, like sharapova. The bottom hand - your dominant hand - uses a continental grip, while the top hand is placed above in a semi-western forehand grip.

Use the grip you are most comfortable with. The disadvantage with the two-handed backhand is that the reach is shorter so it is more suited for players with quick footwork.